Trip to Hing Ling China: Part 4 (Day 52)

My Trip To Hing Ling China: Part 4

Another false start to the morning. I had thought the morning call was a dream twice in a row now. I had breakfast as normal, albeit with a bit more enthusiasm with it being the last day. I’ve been having the same breakfast for 4 days in a row.

The rest at the time at the estate was spent in the chapel with bible study and preaching. My house, house 2 and house 5 were tied for house cup. Our prize was a small pile of lollipops. I.was.overjoyed.

We put the estate in order (moved the bbq things bag, tidied up and returned keys) and with last group photo we were off!

Most of the day was the bus ride back home. OUr church children are some of the brightest, most energetic and ANNOYING BUGGERS IN THE WORLD. How does one cry for 4 hours non stop? It shouldn’t even be possible. Our church woman also had the smallest bladders. We had to stop every 1 and a half hours to go to the bathroom. My dad got off early on the way home, he had business to attend to in the mainland.

We finally arrived late at night at the border. We passed the border, got a taxi but we couldn’t go home yet. We had to take Annie home first. JOY.

We had Japanese Noodles for dinner and I toke the rest of the night off.

I hope you enjoyed my stories about my trip to China. I’m sorry it toke so long to get them out and the quality of them but I wanted to get them out before school started.


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