First Day of School

My school is a complete mess. How can you not have a schedule? How can you, knowing this, force your students to school and have them sit there for 6 hours?

I was pretty excited to go to school at first. Despite some light insomnia last night I got a good nights rest and was ready to go. As for tradition we toke a picture before left (always for first day of school) and our parents drove us there early. When I arrived there were only a handful of students from grade. I theorized that half of them were still asleep. I don’t know what is, but I make an extra effort to say hi to everyone on the first day.

We then had an assembly/chapel that lasted about an hour and a half. They were congratulating us on IGCSE’s, welcoming us back and making us read the student handbook. The pastor made a reference saying: “Are you hot or cool? Don’t be lukewarm!” Our schedule also has been turned into something called the 7 Day Cycle.Then they told us that the schedule wasn’t ready…they were buying time, weren’t they?

The next few hours were a bit normal. We just talked inside the room, caught up and got used to slight changes to the premise. It’s funny how if you spend a lot of time with something, someplace or someone you notice change immediately.

We left the school early at 3 so the teachers could have a meeting to sort this mess out and ended up at McDonald’s again.

I’m still trying to figure out what I wanna do after school. I wanna do exercise, read, dance and play games. I’ll have to see how things at school are and the flow of things. I’m scared that I won’t blog too much now that I’m not compelled to do it everyday but we shall see.


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