The Second School: A pause to daily updates

My friend Miguel came up with the brilliant Idea of simply updating the blog every few days.  A good change of pace.

Today we actually had class! 5/8 Classes were free for me but it was better than standing around doing nothing. importantly the schedule isn’t even permanent, and it seems he forgot to add english literature to schedule..yay.

More interesting was that I got to tag along to my friends photo shoot today! He did it in his friend John’s house. He had all these advanced flash things set up and a black background. I went there to learn a thing or two about photography but I spent more time trying to make Liam trying to laugh during the shoot. While photo whoring the flash from my camera kept setting of his lights. He politely asked me to stop. Also before we left I knocked over a wine glass while screaming “REMAREZ, GET ON THE ROFF.” Yeah I don’t think I left a good impression.

I would also to share a video Miguel found. It’s perfect because it combines The Shining which we watched recently (and made fun of Wendy the wife) as well as PSY our new favorite K-POP artist.



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