Is it still summer? The first weekend of the school year

What a wild and busy weekend. School has only started one week and I have already been to two parties and gone to see a show! As my friend Miguel said, it still feels like it’s summer, with almost no work done at school and a overdose of going out.


We were lost. My dad and I where on our way to an awarding ceremony for one of those trivial scholarships. Neither me or my dad knew where we were going. However instead of helping him find it, I spent most of the time taking photos from the front seat, of myself and the environment.

The ceremony was an absolute drag. Poorly organized and executed. When I came in they were asking questions so the little kids could win prizes. One kid, hardly up to my waist won an IPhone case. To my surprise he pulled out his iPhone 4 and started switching the case! Kids these days…

The rest of the ceremony including lots of speeches and parents going up on stage to share how they train the children. I’m was starting to wonder if the cash prize was worth it. I paid no attention, instead reading the Book Thief most of the time. The teenagers setting with me all had a calm, superiorist demeanor. They acted as if they ran the show.

I then met up with several friends for a swim at Cheoc Van again. A weird thing about Cheoc van is that they don’t allow you to do anything particularly fun. When we went in the summer you couldn’t jump in, dive, push people or play chicken. They even whistled at a guy to have him take the shoes of a chair. Thankfully they seemed to slacken off now that summer is over.

We then headed over to the other beach called Hac Sa, known for its ugly, coarse, black sand (Hac Sa literally translates to black sand!). Even though we were going for a BBQ we decided to eat some from the local vendors. I was still hungry after that. My appetite seems to have doubled ever since school started.

I’m debating in my head if I should write about the party. I read an article on Lifehacker that mentioned the more you think about why something was great, the less vivid the memories become. I’ll take my chances.

The party was pretty normal at first. We ate a bit of food, chatted, hummed to tunes and played some basketball. It all changed with the birthday cake. Lobo’s cake had melted and there was no way we were going to just waste it. The cake seemed to hit his face in slow motion and then it started. Cake splattered on shirts. Water being thrown. Food being recklessly thrown. My first real food fight. At the end of it I had been slapped by a sausage and fish and had three types of sodas dripping down my hair. One of the funnest nights of my life.


I saw this show called Bibap which is about two chefs that need to cook and express emotion though beatbox, a capella and dance. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. Funny, action packed and entertaining 100% of the time.

Spent the rest of the day preparing for school, writing an essay and blogging.


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