17 Again!

Ok, I lied. It’s my first time being seventeen. Quick fact about 17: It’s my third favorite number, behind 7 and then 5.

My first greetings started on Wednesday, the night before. I was spending my last few hours as a sixteen year old playing League of Legends (typical!). All of a sudden I recieved a call from an ecstatic Joel. He wanted to be the first to great me! Shortly after I finished my screaming contest with him, his sister, Lyka called, also wishing me well. It was great to get phone calls, especially so early in the night.

My next greeting came from my friend Zherlain. Exactly 24 minutes from the final hour. I then retired to my bed room where I waited the final moments out with my mother and brother. Sadly my father is off in Hong Kong for work. We spent the time as we always do. My mother tells the story of my birth, then my brothers then gets all worked up on how we grow up so fast. Right as I the (digital) chime hits 00:00 my friend Miguel calls me! A heartfelt greeting and then he was off to watch the keynote conference.

In the morning I was then greeted again by my family and my helper Tata. I used my compact to take a quick picture and a video time capsule for my later self.

It’s when I reached school that the greetings started rolling in. Hugs, o lots of hugs. Surprised well wishing. And the unexpected kiss. Joel made the constant effort to tell me i was 17. In math he suddenly gasped. “Holy Shit!” “What?” “Dude!” “What is it?” “YOUR SEVENTEEN!”

What really made my day though was the last minute birthday party. With some hastily bought candles and a lighter + our favorite budget restaurant a impromptu to party was held.

Sushi Party!We sat there for at least two hours, reminiscing about the past. I didn’t need anything fancy, just my friends (and something edible).



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