The 2nd Week of School

The events of this week in no particular order.

It was photo day and no one knew about it. I was unfortunate enough to be in me P.E uniform and had to borrow someone’s shirt. Meh

Schools starting to get busy. Two asian teachers did in a several hours over a weekend what one couldn’t in the entire summer. A coherent, problem free schedule.Unfortunately that puts a stop to the movies and ques the end of the good life. Sh*t just got real.

On Thursday I turned 17! I made a separate blog post about it, but we ended up having my birthday party at a sushi parlour.

This entire week I’ve been to the bookstore, either to order something or pick something up. Seriously getting annoying, and a major time eater.

Wednesdays are becoming a problem. I signed up for advanced math to supplement my A/S math learning but the time clashes for the only basketball practice of the week. I talked to the math teacher though, and he’s trying to work something out.

Due to our school being a hybrid between government and private we get the worst of both worlds. It is mandatory for me to have either two sciences or two humanities. Already having ICT (strangely counted) I opted for biology. Since everyone is in the same class for biology anyways I decided to take A/s.

School is seriously becoming brain damaging. I have bought a planner to keep on top of it and reread the chapter on planning in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers.”

On Friday, after some major confusion my friends and I watched Exspendables 2. It can be summed up in one conversation.

Sue: “I heard that you got bit by a King Cobra.”

Chuck: “That’s true, and after five agonizing days, the cobra died.”

I also have a new obsession with taking photo’s of myself. I’m quite the photowhore now.


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