TO THE BEACH! Summer Isn’t Over Till I SAY SO!

I guess this is the new mentality. Work hard on weekdays and play harder on weekends. I’m going out more than I did in the summer!

Marilda and I met up with Lyka and Nicole to take a bus from Taipa to Coloane.

Marilda specifically told me not to have lunch so we could feast on the freshly made local bbq. I had the misfortune of choosing the worse store to buy from. I got two sticks of chicken, a chicken wing, a stick of squid, some fish balls and a pork bun. I’m such a glutton.

We then proceeded to find Liam and Joao who had orchestrated the entire thing. We walked the entire beach length looking for them to no avail. When we walked all the way back we found them, cleaning up the boats. Guess no more sailing for us.

Eventually everyone showed up. It toke awhile to get the party started. Firstly the buried me in sand. I still have sand in my ears T.T

We then played Beach Volleyball. It was interesting because some members of our freshly formed volley ball team where there as well. Time to see how good they were. Marilda hit surprisingly well, and I…sucked.

We then got the chance to go out on a speedboat. We had to swim from shore to get to where it was anchored. I swore I almost drowned getting there, but it. was worth it. I felt like i was in a james bond movie. Fish near our boat jumped out of the water, skimming across the surface. While coming back, it felt like i was invading Normandy.

It was after all this that I remembered that I had brought my Logitech Mini-boombox. We had a mini dance rave of sorts. Everyone was just relaxed and having fun. It truly felt like summer.

The day ended with McDonald’s and a round of Snooker in Macau.


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