My Bungee Jump

Inspirational Picture - Macau Tower

Inspirational Picture on the top off Macau Tower

Over Summer I have become more adventurous and outgoing and thanks to Lesley Carter of Bucket List Productions I made my own bucket list as well! So for my birthday I sky jumped 233 meters of Macau Tower; The Tallest Bungee Jump in the World! One check for the bucket list!

Sky Jump

Me getting harnessed up for the jump. I felt like a paratrooper.

It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Perhaps it was the professionalism of all the people who worked there or maybe it was because Sky Jump is relatively slow. Everyone there was really nice and calm so it helped break the tension. The scariest moment was before I jumped and I was getting held of the edge. My brother toke a video of me jumping.

It was an exhilarating 20 seconds. I felt weightless. My first few seconds were just pure screaming. I couldn’t believe the feeling. Felt Euphoric.

Afterwards you are given a certificate showing I jumped and stats about that day’s weather.

It was 23 °C and wind speed was 25kmph. They also had photos and videos taken professionally that cost 800 MOP (100USD)! I felt silly for living here all this time and not taking advantage of what Macau has to offer. Next time, bungee jump!


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