Full Steam Ahead! The Third Week of School


Joel and I went to our favorite clothing store: Pull and Bear. It’s the type of store that holds a careful balance between quality and affordability. It’s the type of store where shirts go to 39 Mop (5usd), and once word gets out all my classmates flock in. I spent my birthday money to help equip myself for the harsh winter months ahead. A trench-like jacket, a sweater and another hoodie to add to my ever-growing collection. (I have a thing for hoodies in all shapes and forms).


Today was our first ever P.E Class with our new teacher Mr.Masters. We were separated into three groups, with our group getting the name ankle breakers (Liam had somehow hurt his ankle over the weekend). Our first round we only got a measly 5 points, and as Mr.Master puts it the lowest in Mac History. In round 2 we rallied, scoring 30 points and winning outright! In the final round we scored 33 points. Since we batted first, we had to hope for the misfortune for the other two teams. One got 32 and we were relieved. We were gonna win. The team held its breath.The next team scored 65 points. They wouldn’t have gotten that much but we basically gave up when they got to 34.

After school some friends and I did some of the randomest things. Firstly we visited our friend Soana who had a part-time job at a small cafe called Cuppa Coffee. Then we went all the way to Macau to visit random shops such as a CD Store that sold only indie albums (felt so mainstream), A DAN a snack store with the best curry and the constantly visited school book store.


There is still the dilemma of having to choose between advanced math and basketball training. I’ve talked to both teachers, but at the moment it seems I can’t do both. On one hand, Advanced basically secures my math grades (theoretically) but basketball offers up a new level of physical fitness and offers long-term health benefits. Decisions decisions decisions. Today I rushed out of advanced math only to see our team packing up to go. A small, crushing moment.

Afterwards we had to create a choreography to the song “Just the way you are Bruno Mars”. What was planned as an hour toke 3. Newer have I ever gone home this late. Dead tired writing this.


School tumbled on as usual. Only thing out of the ordinary was our Mandarin Teacher was telling her about her love life. She had met him while crossing the border and odly made the first move, breaking typical girl and boy stereotypes.

After school we did some shopping around again.

  • Checked a store called Battle in a mini mall. They got dope stuff, but it’s soo expensive.
  • Joel pre-ordered NBA 2K13
  • Went to Three Lamp Plaza to look for basketball tees
  • Went to a pc mall to help John look for speakers


Today we had mini-beach day composing off me, Miguel, Zherlain and Marilda. Miguel was hungry afterschool and a decision was made to go to Hac Sa. It’s almost ridiculously easy to get to the beach, taking as little as 1 mop and less than 20 minutes. There we ate barbeques despite being dangerously low on cash and toke photos at the beach. Including this I had gone out everyday of the week! Better enjoy it while it lasts.

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