Almost been a month: The Fourth Week of School


Today I was able to finish two of my goals for this month. A beautifully written book called “The Book Thief” and another equally beautiful game called Bastion. I’m going to write individual articles for both, culminating my experiences. Both where simply amazing. Today was the day we also received our first test of the year. Toke them awhile didn’t it? Some minor hiccups along the way but it was manageable. We were also briefed on how difficult A/s Level English was going to be, which made some people quit on the spot. Despite this, he said that the Jargon of English where simply complex words for simple things. The real problem, is remembering them.

Unlike the week before, I went straight home, breaking my streak of consecutive days out after school.


Today our classroom became a massage parlor. My classmates where my customers (victims) and I was the lead Masseuse. Our literature classes often divulge into such things. Chester did this thing where he sits on your back and rams his knee into your back. A lot more comfortable than it sounds, I promise you ;).

Today was the first training of our very first Volleyball team. None of our girls ever played sports seriously and our coach had an injured foot. Things were off to a blazing start. Miguel and I, along with some of the other boys Originally came to see how things were gonna go but ended up staying to help and play some basketball.

After training and a quick McDonald’s i had some things to attend to. Firstly I bought folders to keep the stem of new papers at bay. Got this uber-cute Angry Birds Folder for biology and a tabbed normal one for everything else. I color-coded it, and for some reason I’m quite proud of it. I have assembled a diagram using my powerful Paint skills.

Colour QuardantsAngry Birds Folder

I then got the chance to visit both my grandma’s that live less then a block away. They were surprised to see me (i should really visit more, considering how close I live). The heaped fruit and snacks onto me. It was great to be able to brighten up their days, if even just for awhile.

I also started on my two late September Goals. I don’t expect to finish them, but I do hope to make some progress at the very least. They are beating the rest of Assassin’s Creed and finishing the book The Lord Of the Flies


Today was the day in the cycle that I had no periods. No to catch up on lost sleep, do homework or simply read and chat friends. The worst part was having math period last and then immediately having advanced math. 135 minutes of some the hardest things I ever learned. Sadly I missed basketball training again.


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