Macau’s First Successful Surprise Party

Last Saturday, Macau as I know it held its first undiscovered and unadulterated surprise birthday party. One before had been discovered three weeks before, the other’s recipient was too smart and suspected something. This one hit her it where it hurt, but in a good way.

It all seemed so rushed, the late night practice the night before and the positioning and live rehearsals which seemed minutes before her arrival. We waited in an elevator corridor, hidden from view and planning our benevolent ambush. When our prey passed the entrance, we sprinted out into our positions. To her delight we performed a slow group choreo to Bruno Mar’s “Just the way you are.” After the dance we each handed her a white rose with her father delivering the final red one to make 16.

Afterwards we retired to the Hard Rock Cafe for normal birthday procedures. Cake, photos and of course the Birthday song. Thankfully, she didn’t suspect a thing and it was a special night for her.

Surprise Birthday Macau

Happy Birthday Caroline

P.s thanks for the boxers





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