Westin: My Family’s Sunday Tradition

Ever since my mom got her Westin Membership a few years back it has been a tradition. Every few months we pick a Sunday (any Sunday will do) to kick back at the pool, eat at a buffet and sleep in over-cushioned bed. All the while spending time the family, which is ever decreasing.

westin logo

I always thought that the Westin would be one of those quietly ignored hotels. The ones that lay a bit out-of-the-way of civilization. The ones the fancy rich families go to and the over-curious tourist. To my dismay it appears we stumbled in at the worst time possible. An entire tour group consisting of 30 grouchy and demanding French tourist have found their way into my families secret resort. The strain showed. Staff looked rushed and harassed. Every available chair was occupied and held onto with a jealous exhaustion.

hidden alcove


This time around we hadn’t visited our secret alcove for a good six months. The buffet area had been generously renovated. It seems we weren’t the only one that had this idea that day, bumping into classmates, teachers and family alike. The food was mediocre at best with the pasta impressing me the most. Another buffet who’s sushi was ruined by horrible soy sauce.


After lunch we finally were given access to our room. We spent about an hour reclining, reading and napping.

I think it’s because of my new interest of photography. I pay more attention to things and I’m always on the lookout for new things to capture. That’s why the beauty of the view of the Westin was so much cultivating and appreciable.

Westin Macau View 2

We then went to the pool, another tradition. The Westin has a strange charm. It comes from its remoteness, the feeling of being technologically backwards and the shows of it being heavily ill maintained. A place that people used to come to all the time, but now was left for the few to enjoy.

At night the bustling, bright and busy buffet becomes the calm, dim-lit dinner diner. These are the times where, perhaps, we bond most. Over a glass of heavily soda-ed red wine, I memorized my speech, ate my late birthday cake and bickered and battered with my family. It’s almost as if we are a group of friends, ignoring age and stature. The rest of the evening was ended by excellent shows The Voice and Men at Work.

We always back our clothes for the school day ahead, lest we travel all the way back to the primary island. I woke up to a beautiful site.

morning scenery





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