A month in: TheThursday of Week 4


Today in P.E I had two great sprees in cricket.


Todays version of cricket was similar to baseball, with four wickets arranged in a circle. The pitcher can pitch to any person and you need to run whether they hit it or not. In both rounds I was the last man standing, running desperately between wickets and smashing the ball when it came to end my streak. It was an adrenaline rush. The first time a lucky catch got me, but the second time was due to my over eagerness to hit the ball. I swing back to hard and knocked over the wicket. Pity.

Our math class works like this. The ones that got a B and above got to take the one year while the others did it over the course of two years under a different teacher. Besides a few kids from my class, most of the class was made of perfectionist genius children. Peter (who I take the car with every morning) is a prime example. During the mid years last year he got a 100% on two math exams. Yikes. Today we awaited the dreaded results of our first math test. Surprisingly Peter got 98%. Is that possible? Can I beat him, beat the machine, the god of math? “William…100%.”

After school my friend finally got his speakers. 3 or 4 trips during the month had exhausted Joel and I and it was good that he finally made a good choice. Knowing many owners from the computer mall I was able to help him shave some money off as well. Battering for the win. He ended with this beauty, the logitech Z623.

Logitech Z623

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