Last week of October


Didn’t do any work today. I had 3 free periods, and two periods of sitting around. Then there was a fire drill and an assembly. The only work I did do was a math test.


This morning it was raining so hard that the black rain signal was raised. But it was cleared at 6:30 which means classes went ahead as normal. Dammit…

How busy I am getting is starting to become frustrating. The teachers want to take my free periods for additional lessons, and one even wants to have a class on Saturday. I also got dragged into being a MC for a show (she told me she came to me first but it appears that she has asked several others. Never doing anything for her again). Then we had a meeting about drama after school which I don’t think I will be able to join due to the amount of work heading my way. Then after that we had a meeting with the our education board about a fundraiser that weekend.


Extremely windy the night before. My windows got blown open and kept making the horrible howling noise. The weather in Macau is finally transitioning into winter.

It’s Halloween! Which means it’s the last day of October! Two months of school have already passed!

I have been able to streamline my to do list, writing them down on my phone at school and transferring it to my ipod when I get home (still to paranoid of it to bring it out).

I also purchased tickets to watch the first ever MMA fight in Macau :D!


October Goals

Hello again! I’m here again with my monthly update off what I accomplished! I accomplished a lot this month and I’m happy with my progress. Got a bit distracted by getting new things, but I’m back on track now!

  1. Finished Reading “The Vanished Man”
  2. Finished Reading “The Curious incident of the dog in the night-time”
  3. Learned to dance the Cat Daddy
  4. Learnt the lyrics of “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell and “I ain’t No Joke” by Eric B. and Rakim
  5. Applied Habit 1 of the 7 Effective Habits of a Highly Effective Teenager
  6. Went to a car expo
  7. Reached 100 Likes on this blog!
  8. Reached 15 followers on this blog!

Mylo Xyloto: My first album

Mylo Xyloto

Mylo Xyloto. My first album and my first foray into the world of legitimate and quality music. I had planned for weeks to get it, and finally got it in China at a book center during our mini vacation.

I already liked some of the songs in this album before hand, including Paradise, Princess of China and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. I also discovered a trio favorites within the album.

  1. Hurts like heaven
  2. Us against the world
  3. Up and Flames

The album makes heavy use of ambient electronic sounds and smart transitions between songs. The way the lyrics are sung, dragged and a bit unclear at times, helps add to the “flow of the album.”

I really love this album. Again, the way it flows is just magical. You don’t even notice the gap between songs. The range from happy energetic songs, to long slow melodies. I also noticed small references in the lyrics in earlier songs, to songs later in the track list. Chris Martin’s voice goes really well with the instrumentals and he pulls off some impressive notes.


Last Sunday of Oktober

I like how even small changes can make somewhere you go to all the time look completely different. The diner we went to have our Sunday morning breakfast had changed all their tables. On the overhead tv, an absurd Chinese kung fu movie was playing with a woman materializing out of an umbrella, a guy using his hair to suffocate people and paper tags that chased people.

Our church is experiencing some small problems which including a large amount of people leaving for other churches, and a low/slow attendance rate of our remaining members. Today’s lesson was about being thankful for things, even odd things like being able to poop and fart. My teacher says there signs off a healthy person.

He then started to reminisce about Macau’s old days. He reckons it was better back then. He could bike everywhere, the buses weren’t crowded and the air was clearer. He then proceeded to tell us about his misfortunes as a kid. In his youth he was able to:

  • Nearly Choke to death on a pork chop
  • Get pushed down the stairs by his sister
  • Break his leg playing…basketball. And it was his thigh bone (which is harder the concrete!)

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My Great Day out

Today I woke late at around 12. I was still in a haze from yesterday’s gaming marathon. I decided to stay in bed awhile longer listening to Mylo Xyloto again while reading some articles on Pulse (Man, I love pulse).

Shortly after lunch Joao and Joel called me to meet up them. Before I could go out though, they decided to barge into my place and proceeded to eat all my food.

We then proceeded to the Macau Car Expo 2012 held at the Venetian. My parents couldn’t go and had given me four tickets to use.

I didn’t think to bring my DSLR, but luckily I brought my compact. Here are some of my favorite cars from the show:

Mitsuoka Green Vintage Car

Green and Vintage, What more could you want?

Bugatto Veyron

My favorite car from the expo. A beautiful blue, love the metal the used and a kick ass spoiler that comes up when you break.

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Midnight Gaming Session

I thought I had failed. I was planning the entire night to play games, and by midnight I had only played two rounds of love. A lucky break, I could stay up. Here is how it went.

Assassin’s Creed

This game had been frustrating me for a while but today it finally decided to give me a break. No weird crashes. No glitches. Almost no clunky controls. Instead of assassinating the target, I decided to make it easier for myself. By saving citizens I created groups of vigilantes that help me against nearby enemies (I found the easiest way to do this is to using throwing knifes). They grad onto guards allowing me to  walk over casually and stab them. I don’t even have to worry about hitting the vigilantes, because they can’t die!

When I get into the assassin’s creed mood I feel great. Everything seems so smooth and done expertly. I casually pickpocket knives. Hide last-minute on a bench as guards run past. Take on groups of 20 guards or more without getting hit once. It makes me feel like an awesome bad ass!

Then I moved onto Sanctum

This was the game I wanted to finish next month, a hybrid fps and shooter. I did not like it at first, I was overwhelmed by its complexity and the enemies abilities to waltz through my defenses. But once I got into it, it became an addicting experience. I learned to time my upgrades with the waves and work alongside the turrets; Slowing bigger targets and taking down their shields so they could tear them up. I breezed through the first level, completely losing track of time.

The Years Shortest School Week

Today I am back on track with my goal setting. I was able to breeze through the last 70 pages of “The Curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

We had pizza hut at my grandma’s house because Tata is out on annual leave. The house is still in one piece, but things are getting a bit messy. It seems that every time I try to work people start talking to me. Studied some biology  then ended up listening to Mylo Xyloto for the rest of the evening.

This was probably the shortest week ever. Two days of unproductive school. Today our Chinese teacher was sick so we got to take two periods off. Having two free periods earlier in the day, made it only a “half day.” I also ate lots, eating the leftovers from yesterdays pizza party, the leftovers from the term break party and the leftovers from Joao’s dinner. I am quite the scavenger :3


I dedicated the evening to gaming, but it seemed to evaporate in front of me. I only managed two games of league of legends before it was 12 Am. Ouch.

The Curious incident of the dog in the night-time

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Christopher, an autistic child who discovers his neighbors dog murdered on their lawn. Can he, someone not even comfortable with his surrounding’s, solve this mystery? More challenging is for him to conquer his own fears and insecurities and go on the journey of his life time.

What I liked:

  • Touching, Inspirational, Though Provoking, Well Written, Addicting
  • Christopher’s dad feels like a genuine character who really cares for his son, despite his special disabilities
  • How Christopher reacts to his surroundings and his little systems in his head
  •  The way it is written, it really feels like it is coming from his (Christopher’s) mind
  • The complicated relationships and discoveries made throughout the book