Book Thief – The Best Book I’ve read in current memory

The Book Thief

One of the strongest points in the book is the way it is told. The story is told through the perspective of death, whom has points out interesting and critical things about human behavior that would not have come to mind unless he mentions it.

The strong story telling allows us to fond bonds;be able to relate to the beautiful characters. So full of spirit and heart. They felt like genuine people, good-hardy people who you could see on the street but never know their stories which are masked under the veil of strangeness. It’s  such an emotional book and the characters invoke so much sympathy and compassion it’s almost nauseating. I really did feel an attachment to them, especially the father Hans Hubbermen.

The Pacing is also extremely good. The chapters are never too long, the paragraphs always a discrete length. Just makes it all the harder to put down.





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