The Lord of the Flies

Lord of the flies

I read this book in the final week of September at a surprising pace, finishing it in a few days. The book was able to hold my attention and gently urge me onward to read it.

I will not lie, but my literally skills are average on the world scale of things. While I enjoyed the idea of the boys on a deserted island with only themselves to govern them, without the help of the internet I was unable to decipher what certain characters represented. I has lots of deep symbolism and can be very thought provoking as well as thought disturbing at different points in the book.

One of the greatest strengths is Golding’s ability to effectively paint characters, how they live and breath and how they interact with each other. There is Piggy, the sensible one that gets bullied around and follows the leader around. There’s Simon, the shy, solitary soul who is scared to speak to the other boys. And there’s Jack, the animalistic bloodthirsty hunter, who disputes leadership with the chief Ralph.

A great short read but be prepared to re-read some things for them to make full sense.

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