Saturday: Summer’s Ghost visit’s September

It’s as if summer never ended. School might have started but that is all forgotten. Forgotten when the weekend comes to sweep me off the conveyor belt of modern day living.

I awoke to a text from some girls that had bunked somewhere nearby after a party. We agreed to meet in five minutes at the nearby Mcdonalds. When I arrived they weren’t in the best of states, running on a few precious hours of sleep. They told me about their girl’s night out while we ate our mash browns and sipped our orange juice. After breakfast we split up. Some of the girls returned to their respective homes, while the other too came to my house to extend their outing a bit longer.

Nearing National Day the family activities where beginning to increase in frequency. That day I had a lunch with my grandmother which I had to leave early to meet Joao and Joel for a haircut. Too many other people had the same idea, and we failed again to get a haircut.

We then headed over to Liam’s house to hang out. Despite cramming eight people into his semi-small room we were able to photo whore and dance to music with reckless abandon. While there we experimented a bit and crafted an apple into a bong. We dubbed it Bob/Fruit Khalifa.

The second of family events was the church bbq hosted in a remote park up in the hillside overlooking Coloane. I’m not too close with the church goers, but it was enjoyable to say the least. It had a breath-taking view and some nice, fresh, clean air. I left early again to meet up with the rest of the gang. It’s hard to balance between family and friends :/.

When I arrived in the garden where we were supposed to meet I was met by a wall of darkness. I hushed voice called to me, telling to run. Between jumping and ducking they explained they were running from a cop. We ended up at Liam’s house once more before heading out to snooker. We were about to head out when Liam realized that he forgot both his house keys and phone inside the house. This caused the group to split in two groups: one to wait for his helper to arrive with the keys and the other to accompany Marilda to snooker.

The day ended with snooker. After having a particularly bad round (i swear its cursed) the others arrived right as I had to leave. The ghost of summer was haunting me yet.





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