October’s First: Week 5 Part 1


My head swimmed. I was tired from the night before. I looked to the source of sound that awakened my hazy slumber. I had another church buffet to attend to. O joy.

After the buffet at the golden dragon I spent the next few hours at home lounging around on the book room bed which I have basically moved into. I read, wrote, memorized, searched. I wish I had more time to do those things. They feel so enriching, so pleasing to me.

Dinner was a bit problematic.Due to national day most of the restaurant where closed. Luckily the family run restaurant by the temple that I had eaten at before was open. My grandpa showed me this trick where you mix cream soda and beer to make it a bit easier on the taste buds. Mmm.

I think its good to walk of a meal given a chance. So after the meal we spent some time stocking up on snacks at the supermarket and looking for some cologne for me. Sadly the retailer only had expensive Ferrari and Calvin Klein Brands. T.T

The rest of the evening was spent on homework, memorizing my speech for the speaking competition and working on the blog (4 articles woot woot)


Today after school we again helped the girls with the volley ball training. It was announced today that in 10 days there were going to play against the School of Nations who are well drilled, experienced and a tab bit taller then our girls.


Joel seems to have good luck today. He finally picked up his copy of NBA 2K13 which he has anticipated for months and then he received news that he might be able to take off his braces soon!

My friend Peter had his first major piano recital today at the Cultural center (where I watched Bibap and that Chinese Comedy). It was great seeing classmates and teachers from school coming to support him. I made funny observations about the first performer to keep myself awake until Peter’s turn but eventually succumbed to sleep . He had a fever for the past two days and we were worried he couldn’t play.

He play beautifully  It really hit home how impressive he was and how good things sound live versus recorded. Unlike the boy before him who didn’t bow, exaggerated all his movements and had an aura of arrogance around him Peter was modest, precise and calm.




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