Discovering my City

You can live in a city for years and still discover things that you’ve never known about. Today, Miguel and I did just that and ventured into the downtown suburbs of Macau.

Baked Potato with Bacon and Sour Cream

Another reward for exploring Macau

Miguel and I didn’t really plan where to go. We had some loose ideas and where to go, in no particular order, in no particular fashion. He wanted to find some film for his old-fashioned Polaroid camera that his grandma gave to him. Our Chinese classmates who are artsy and stuff gave us a general area where we could find it. Good enough for us.

We passed by one of those malls that never catch the eye. On the surface they look dirty, unwelcoming and abandoned. What we found or rather I found (he had been there before) was a mall with a wealth of tiny family owned shops forming a tight-knit community. They sold games, had fish ball stands. Almost like a sub-habitat within the large ecosystem that is a city.

We were in an area of Macau that I don’t often go. Narrow streets, odd shops, it felt like I was walking in the culture of Macau. It all felt very traditional. Steam cooked street food, freshly made juice and hand pushed carts.

Our travels toke us to this small specialist food store where I bought my baked potato above. It had sour cream & bacon inside. Remembering how it taste gives me shivers. Just a small piece of heaven right there. On a side note I was also extremely lucky to have it; it was the last one.

Eventually it was time to venture back into more familiar waters, but not before Miguel and i got sick over this five dollar tea we picked up at the aptly named “Shiny Tea.” Miguel toke me to a bargain CD store in San Ma Lao but we couldn’t stay long because of his indigestion.





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