Second week of October! Week 6 Monday


Advanced math and some volleyball after school.

Today I’m starting a new form of productivity. After purchasing my planner, I felt I could keep track of things better, but still felt very to little inclination to do things. That’s where this new technique comes in. I give myself a list of tasks to do at school, and after school. This helps me stay productive, but hopefully I don’t become a slave to the system.

The fruits of the new productivity technique!

  1. Practiced the Cat daddy and learned the sponge bob dance from this great online dancing program Mahalo
  2. Read the vanished man, over half way there already!
  3. I’m now on the last chapter of the bible, revaltions. been reading it the entire year
  4. Read habit 0.5 of 7 habits of a highly effective teenager
  5. Finished Chinese homework and reviewed for an upcoming tests
  6. Had some time to off load some work from tomorrow

Shortly after the internet died, leaving my mother and brother helpless. My brother resorted to playing solitaire and minecraft while my mom was unable to work.


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