Second week of October! Week 6 Tuesday & Wednsday


For Chapel today we were visited by a musician named Scott Darlow. He was brought up in the Aborigine culture in Australia which is reflected in his didgeridoo. It was a pleasant surprise to see him again and after shouting “Solid Rock” the entire performance he finally sung the song that had stuck with us all these years.

Today in P.e we finally moved away from cricket, if not very far. We played USA’s national pastime  Baseball.We played a variation of the vanilla game known as “Welsh Baseball.”
My team however was off to a great start. We had lost the first two rounds with 4 and 3 runs respectively. That was when the coach decided to even the odds and move the best player, Liam, to our side. (he wasn’t particularly happy about that)

Highlight of the match
My friend Natasha, on her second and last swing hits the ball crack in the middle. It speeds straight towards Liam. With an expression which cannot be explained as anything but stone cold he simply shifted his hand slightly and caught it.

What I did :D:

  • I hit one home run in the last round
  • Got 1 person out :3

 Daily Accomplishments

  • Did lots of work in the first free period of the day, thanks to prior planning.
  • Learned to clay my hair and worked on my speech
  • Assassin creed is doing its best to stop me from playing


Day 3 without internet  Becoming slightly problematic. I have to read more, and my brother has resorted to minecraft. The wired connection in my mom’s room strangely works though.

Preparations for our school’s first official volleyball match are underway. Tensions are running high among the girls as they being to stress.Today after school, an lab assistant, Mr. Jacque was kind enough to drive several friends and I home. He had this cute small car, and I was really grateful, seeing how he just shaved an hour of the commute home.


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