Second week of October! Week 6 Friday

Happy Birthday Miguel! That was the line of the day. I repeated it often and made sure everyone knew it was true.

Today was the student presidential election day. Candidates said there manifestos and tried to convince the crowd of rowdy children to vote for them. Our grade was obviously biased, cheering for anything Miguel said. He didn’t even write a speech, preferring to go the spontaneous route.

Today I had my first basketball practice! From what the other players told me it was going to be intense and exhausting  I imagined him yelling at us, people straining to keep up and painful exercises. Luckily my paranoia got the best of me. It wasn’t much harder then the training last year. It was good to be able to play again. I was sorely out of practice, especially my shooting.


At home that night I finally read the last fifth of the Vanished Man. An simply amazing book. A classic. Tricked me until the very end. A must read.


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