Second week of October! Week 6 Thursday


School was a bit rough today. Mr. Nazar my biology teacher is thinking of having extra classes Friday after school, the same day basketball training was moved to avoid clashing with Advanced math! And on top of that I received a bit of a lynching by Mr.Sables over  the quality of my speech.

After school Joel and I accompanied Liam to take passport-styled photos for his application to a flight school. We also met up with Mark, a film student, who was helping us film and edit our dance video. Joel and I then went to Macau to pick up Miguel’s surprise Birthday gift. A bit last-minute, but I hope he likes it!

It was good times when I finally came home. My dad returned to the Phillipines after a two weeks away from home. I was very happy to see him. We also surprised Tata for her birthday! You could she was genuinely happy, and although it was a small gesture it had a big impact. My father also fixed the internet resulting in zero productivity from me. Whoopsie.

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