Second week of October! Week 6 Sunday

My mom told me a story this morning about cockroaches and how they helped cure her. When she was young she got a nasty case of “Hundred Day Cough.” My grandma asked all the neighbors to round of cockroaches so she could make a medicinal soup out of them. Cockroach soup. She told me this shortly after breakfast :S.


Sunday service went smoothly and normally. The only pothole was an extremely weird and sudden leg cramp during communion. I had to fight every instinct to scream or breath loudly.

Hurt Face

For lunch I toke tried to take my family to go to Brick’s Burger. ‘Twas full so we settled for a nearby Shanghai restaurant. In San Mao Lao there was a performance going on in the square. Most interesting where two woman who had wedged aluminum foil there legs and where hitting there thighs to make a steady 4-step beat.

Our internet problems have finally escalated enough for my dad to upgrade our router. We got an ASUS Tripled Antennad monster of a router. Cheers to usable internet and connection from anywhere in the house.

ASUS Router


I like having dinner at my grandma’s. Although it’s old fashioned and the good isn’t exactly to my taste, it always feels like a home. A place you could come back to and it wouldn’t ask you any questions. It would just be there for you. It’s the small things

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