Second week of October! Week 6 Saturday

I love mornings like this. I spend time in bed, reading and quietly using my netbook. The rush of the modern world has yet to hit me and I think about the day to come. It was on a morning like this that I finally finished reading the final chapter of the Bible. Revelations! I have been reading 4  chapters a day, since the start of the year and finished about two months early. Although it was  a little dry in some parts i think it really help me adjust my moral compass and it gave some important life lessons to think about.

Stack of bibles

Joel and I arrived late as usual for our friend Valentina’s volleyball match. The round had just ended and the next team which was supposed to play against our lower group was on the court practicing. Man, they. were. good. We then headed over to Taipa for some pick-up basketball at half court. Half court  as it’s name suggests is a court full of only half sized courts and is next to Taipa Stadium.

Tomahawk dunk

After meeting up with our P.E teacher we headed back to Macau for our girl’s first official volleyball match. They were terrified. We arrived to watch EPM, the school we were to play next week. Our team already wanted to forfeit.

Terrified Girls

Ok, maybe not THIS bad but you get the idea

When there game ended the pressure began to mount. I felt nervous for our girls. There first serious sporting event against another school. A completely new thing for them. I was on hand with my compact camera and mini-tripod to record this prestigious moment. The next heart washing hour was spent cheering madly and trying to follow the ball with my camera. We developed a cheer!

  • “M-A-C”
  • “WORD”

Despite our girl’s valiant efforts we lost in straight sets.

Dinner was a bit upsetting. We originally decided to go to a restaurant called Curry Monster. They served us water and to our horror the cheap meals have all but replaced. We quickly drank our water and left. I am ashamed.

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