Third Week of October! Almost the end of the term!

Monday. Nothing of importance happened. A lack of work led to a lack of productivity. Sadness from the weekend carried over.

Tuesday. Infinitely more eventful. Tuesday got a bad start when during the night, a dark mysterious creature crept up to me in my time of most helplessness. She languished a chance to suck my hemoglobins. Damn mosquitoes.

Today I had to perform my speech in front of the principal and some fellow teachers. Despite stomach cramps and extreme anxiety I was able to perform well and nailed my question. Speech confidence +1

After school a meeting was held to decide the fate of our school’s fledgling drama club. Last year we worked on a play called Grease. It was never too serious though, which is complete opposite of this year with professionals from across the world coming to lend their expert hands.



I also got to ride a motorcycle for the first time. Just amazing. Although I felt vulnerable I felt this sense of speed of movement. The roar of the engine underneath. The inaudible blow of the speeding wind. Just exhilarating.

Once I got home I was able to climb the mountain of procrastination and reach the summit which is productivity!


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