Third Week of October! Materialistic Aftermath

I’m blogging from the computer today. If anything its faster and way easier to format and fix the numerous spelling errors I make. But the ipod is great for blogging on the move and adding pictures!

Today was played baseballs…

Personal achievements: Hit a solid double and made it home

Highlight(s): Today there happened to be two.

One is when my friend Regi developed a strategy running with the ball to get people out, if not running to beat them to the base then sprinting to meet them as the approached the home base. Joel countered this strategy by simply pushing him.

Pushing people

OK, its from soccer but i couldn’t find a better photo


The second when John purposely dropped the ball that his girlfriend hit. Then afterwards he caught a massive pop fly from Liam. Selective catching.

After school I got to penny board around Taipa before going home.

My thoughts on my new toys: The Penny board is great. It’s small and portable. It is great on smooth surfaces. However I have problems out of an outside environment nearly getting ran over 5 times today. Guess I need practice.

Getting to terms with my Ipod touch. It’s still dizzying the amount of stuff I can do with it. I shouldn’t be so protective of it but its hard not too. Started downloading more useful apps after the buzz from the first day wore off. I always feel like I’m expecting to have fun with it.


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