Third Week of October! Saturday: The last day before semis

We had lunch at a newly opened restaurant known as Bistecca steak house. It was one of the best meals I have had in a good while. Not only was it professional in every aspect (food, service, setting), but it was very affordable, as long as you stick to the set meals. I had this amazing beef stir fried noodle while my brother and father had this juicy, well seasoned chicken spaghetti. Everyone was trying each others food. They also had some nice art up which I only had a phone on hand to take pictures off.

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The afternoon was well-spent, but not in the way it was supposed to. Tomorrow is my semi-final competition for the Macau English Speaking Competition. Instead of taking the time rehearse, I pushed it of the entire day. Instead I spent time downloading countless apps for my ipod touch and trying to rip dvd’s onto my computer. I spent a good deal blogging as well. Basically everything that wasn’t speech was done. Now at 11:18 PM i have only recited it once the entire day and only half-heartily. Byeee


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