Third Week of October! The End of the First Term+ Lusofonia

Today was the last day of the term. How time flies. 1 Down and 3 to go! To celebrate it was (free) dress down day and there were to be parties in the last two periods.

In math, a period before the party Mr.Brown our principal made a calm announcement. “There seems to be some smoke coming from the basement, please evacuate the building in an orderly fashion.” Our school hadn’t had a fire drill in four years so it was quiet startling. I thought it was a fire drill until I saw the police man and smelt the smoke. My grade was relatively relaxed if not jubilant for getting out of class. Everyone started talking photos and posting them on Facebook, tweeting or just socializing. The felt bad for the children in kindergarten though which were woken from their afternoon nap. Some of them didn’t even have their shoes on. A film crew also arrived to take footage:

Three children were hurt in the panic but otherwise no one was hurt.

The entire was over just in time to have our party. I suppose it’s hard for children to get into a party mood but most of us where pretty meh about the entire thing. I got to penny board around the school halls though :D. After school we penny boarded all the way to Taipa Sports Stadium.

On the way to meet Zherlain for Lusofonia I fell off my Penny Board for the first time. Joy.

For those of you who don’t know, Lusofonia is a Portuguese Festival that is hosted once a year for a long weekend. Lusofonia was incredibly crowded this year, making it difficult to move and stay as a group. Lusofonia exhibits the culture of Macau, the culmination of the many cultures that make us unique. It’s the only place where the number of foreigners is disproportionate to the Asians. Almost everyone goes, and it’s great to bump into people, eat some nice food and watch the performances.


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