The 11th Macao Wide English Speech Contest

Today was the day. Make it or break it. My nerves where a wreck. The time had come again for me, and a group of other unlucky individuals to face the horrors of judged public speaking.

A short overview to set the tone. If there is one thing our school is actually good at it’s speech. So good in fact that after two clean sweeps they made rules to stem our streak, limiting number of contestants from each school that can enter and get to finals. I myself am I veteran of this competition, this being my fourth consecutive year joining. I always managed to win a prize each year. This year would be different.

I had a good chance to win. Although there were 50 contestants it was quite easy to sort the cream of the crop. I had committed my entire speech to almost muscle-memory and I have thought of countless possible questions. It was do or die.

My legs where shaking so much I feared they would collapse on me. In my own ears, I sounded monotone and flat.


I was not pleased with my performance but everyone had said I had done great. Now I could only wait. The results where to be announced in the afternoon which was a good 5 hours away. This is how I killed the time.

As Lyka and I neared the building my nerves began to build again. I wondered what would happen. As the numbers where called out, I held my breath. Slowly, the numbers mine. I wasn’t one of them.

***Well I guess it wasn’t my year. I won’t pretend I wasn’t disappointed but there wasn’t much I can do. My teachers and principals where a fair share more confused then I was which was horribly ironic and demanded a recount. O well, there is always next year.***

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