The Macao Chinese Orchestra

Macau Orchestra

The orchestra (Macau’s only professional one) is almost completely comprised of Chinese instruments. We have a full range of sounds, only lacking in the big string instruments (filled by cellos) and certain drums that are filled by some Western ones.

There was a full orchestra, a conductor and three semi-solo artist. There was Iron Lung Dai Ya with his Dizi (chinese flute), prestidigitation-skilled Wu Yuxia with the pipa; a Chinese hand strummed guitar and the elegant and quick Jiang Kemei on the Banhu, one of the more unique Chinese instruments.

It was amazing to watch them play. So in sync. They become like an organism, all depending on each other. They sounded incredible! I tried to record some, but the audio quality is too atrocious to show. I particularly liked a drum sequence in the third sequence. They were not limited to just instruments, they also used there voices, starting a particularly energetic piece with a group shout followed by quieter “Ahhs” and “Sshhh’s.”

I think its enriching to go to events like this. It is truly inspiring. To see how they work so well together, the percussion woman that has to run between 5 different instruments. I can only imagine how much practice goes into mastering an instrument to that level. I might even take up the violin again. Maybe. Just maybe.

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