The Speech Aftermath

After the speech I had five hours to kill before returning for the results of the finalist. Lyka and I went to her house to pick up somethings and eat lunch and then we were off!

We were just walking around when we saw a sign. Macau Government House Open Day. Why not?

It was a place the oozed luxury. A look from a bygone age. Inside they had some old photographs taken in the early 20th century. It’s amazing how Macau has changed. Here is one of my favorites:

Macau Old School Grand Prix

Macau Old School Grand Prix. The cars might have changed, but not the event.

The rest are on my Flicker 🙂 :

The afternoon was just pure chill bliss. We went around eating, window shopping and unreasonably priced clothes. I picked up some Marconi and Cheese. We also visited this delightful library. Time flew and it was time to go back to the competition…


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