Mini Vacation: Day 1

This term break my family and I went on a much-needed vacation to China. No worries allowed. Just eating, shopping and massage!

After crossing the border and having lunch we went to shop in the underground plaza near the border. I expected good deals piled on top of each other, fakes that looked real. What I got where some extremely disappointingly fake products, stacked to head height.

Made in BJ

Little do they know…

Things toke a turn for the better though. We got some Blu ray movies and I got to pick up a new era hat :D.

We then took a bus further inland. I got the chance to read awhile and catch up on some sleep. At the bus station, my dad’s friend Clark picked us up and toke us to a huge book center.

In the underground area they an extensive album store! They had everything I wanted (including Mylo Xyloto) for cheap! I’m glad I stopped myself from buying Mylo Xyloto, because I got it here for a third of the price! I ended up getting four albums. I have to pace myself and listen to them one at a time :).

4 albums

LMFAO, Black Eye Peas and Deadmau5

We were also very lucky to stumble upon the English section of the book center. I got a SAT guide-book which should come in very handy in the coming years and a tech-thriller called “The Fear Index”.

Sat and The Fear IndexAlso in the book store was a small board where travelers posted sticky notes when they visited. A very nice touch. There where people from France, Netherlands…

Sticky Note Board We then had dinner at one of the best restaurant in all of Guangzhou. As family tradition we ordered two plates of their famous Black Sauce Pork Meat. The cost 68 RMB  a plate.

Black Sauce Pork Meat

 We then toke a walk by the sea at a community garden. What surprised me was the sense of community. People where bringing all this audio equipment, sharing it, dancing in large groups. There was just a happy and energized atmosphere.

After a short rest at home we were off for a massage. We rented a small room for four and we each had our personal ma sues! We had our legs submerged in an herbal bath and had our entire body loosened. Extremely relaxing. It cost 68 RMB per person.

We finished off the day with a second dinner. My dad really wanted to stuff us :). We had these amazing oysters that you slurp up from their shell! Juicy and full of flavor. They cost 68 RMB a dozen.


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