Mini Vacation: Day 2

If yesterday was the climax, then today was the slow slog back home (an enjoyable one though). We went to my dad’s old housing area known as Clifford. After lunch it was my mother’s and brother’s turn to buy things, with the day before pre-dominantly directed by me. My brother got a magazine, while my mother got some books and slippers.

We then got massaged another time. This time the ma sues used this technique of driving her elbow into certain parts of my body. Painful, but relaxing. My mom got a different treatment, where the ma sues walked all over here body to correct her spine. Lol.

When my body can’t move, my mind begins to race and leap about. My to-do-list inside my head suddenly grew huge. Ideas popped into my head and flew away as quickly as they came.

Our vacation ended at a large Chinese Restaurant that specialized in some exotic food. They had snakes, snails and even geese.

I was horribly sick at that time however, and didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. We then toke a bus home and that was that. Mini Vacation: Great Success!


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