Penny Board + Ipod Touch

It’s been a week and as I said in a previous post, here are my thoughts on my two newest toys.

Penny Board

I haven’t been able to ride it as much as I’d like to. I was going to practice over the term break but I was in China with my family. I really like it, but I need to put in the time and effort to ride it smoothly. The biggest annoyance is carrying it around and the lack of practice space in my area. Still its a joy to use and even more people are getting it which gives me even more people to ride with.

Ipod Touch 5th Generation 32 GB

The initial buzz of having it has worn off and its more practical uses have become more apparent. I have started to rip DVD’s and CD’s to put on it and have stopped downloading apps at such a monstrous rate. I have started taking it out more, and it is quickly becoming an indispensable gadget.


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