The Years Shortest School Week

Today I am back on track with my goal setting. I was able to breeze through the last 70 pages of “The Curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

We had pizza hut at my grandma’s house because Tata is out on annual leave. The house is still in one piece, but things are getting a bit messy. It seems that every time I try to work people start talking to me. Studied some biology  then ended up listening to Mylo Xyloto for the rest of the evening.

This was probably the shortest week ever. Two days of unproductive school. Today our Chinese teacher was sick so we got to take two periods off. Having two free periods earlier in the day, made it only a “half day.” I also ate lots, eating the leftovers from yesterdays pizza party, the leftovers from the term break party and the leftovers from Joao’s dinner. I am quite the scavenger :3


I dedicated the evening to gaming, but it seemed to evaporate in front of me. I only managed two games of league of legends before it was 12 Am. Ouch.


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