Last Sunday of Oktober

I like how even small changes can make somewhere you go to all the time look completely different. The diner we went to have our Sunday morning breakfast had changed all their tables. On the overhead tv, an absurd Chinese kung fu movie was playing with a woman materializing out of an umbrella, a guy using his hair to suffocate people and paper tags that chased people.

Our church is experiencing some small problems which including a large amount of people leaving for other churches, and a low/slow attendance rate of our remaining members. Today’s lesson was about being thankful for things, even odd things like being able to poop and fart. My teacher says there signs off a healthy person.

He then started to reminisce about Macau’s old days. He reckons it was better back then. He could bike everywhere, the buses weren’t crowded and the air was clearer. He then proceeded to tell us about his misfortunes as a kid. In his youth he was able to:

  • Nearly Choke to death on a pork chop
  • Get pushed down the stairs by his sister
  • Break his leg playing…basketball. And it was his thigh bone (which is harder the concrete!)

After lunch I finally had enough saved up for my brand new speakers :D. I promise this is the last thing for a while :). I made myself promise that I would finish all the work I had to do before opening it.

My New Phillips Speakers

Been waiting for these babies for quite some time 🙂

The afternoon was spent knocking of stuff from my list so I could use my speakers! I also watched John Carter in Blu Ray. Loved the Tharks and the alien dog. Also had great visuals and sound effects!

For dinner I had a Chinese standard: Con-gee. Then I went home and finished off my list of things to do. The last thing on the list, the last thing holding me back from the speakers…is this blog post. Bye.


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