My Great Day out

Today I woke late at around 12. I was still in a haze from yesterday’s gaming marathon. I decided to stay in bed awhile longer listening to Mylo Xyloto again while reading some articles on Pulse (Man, I love pulse).

Shortly after lunch Joao and Joel called me to meet up them. Before I could go out though, they decided to barge into my place and proceeded to eat all my food.

We then proceeded to the Macau Car Expo 2012 held at the Venetian. My parents couldn’t go and had given me four tickets to use.

I didn’t think to bring my DSLR, but luckily I brought my compact. Here are some of my favorite cars from the show:

Mitsuoka Green Vintage Car

Green and Vintage, What more could you want?

Bugatto Veyron

My favorite car from the expo. A beautiful blue, love the metal the used and a kick ass spoiler that comes up when you break.


Looks like something Batman would drive when he wasn’t working

The rest of the photo’s I have uploaded to Flickr.

We then skated around at Stadium as we waited for Joao to finish church. We then skated all the way to his house to have dinner. We had something called Bake Mac which is pasta with lots cheese and ham baked in a tray. I haven’t had it since last summer. It. Was. Amazing.

We then meet up with some more friends to have a guys night out. We penny boarded from Sands to Indian Spice Garden where a friend of ours worked. He was going to get us Shesha!

I love to smoke Shesha, it’s just so relaxing. Everyone’s calm, taking turns and pacing around, doing tricks with their noses. Since the girls weren’t here we could talk about games and halo and all the things typically considered boy stuff.

Then Joel and I penny boarded all the way home, at least several kilometers. I had gotten a lot of practice but I still have a little trouble keeping up, often resorting to sprinting after them. It was great to skate around so much :). A suitable finish to a Saturday well spent.


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