Last week of October


Didn’t do any work today. I had 3 free periods, and two periods of sitting around. Then there was a fire drill and an assembly. The only work I did do was a math test.


This morning it was raining so hard that the black rain signal was raised. But it was cleared at 6:30 which means classes went ahead as normal. Dammit…

How busy I am getting is starting to become frustrating. The teachers want to take my free periods for additional lessons, and one even wants to have a class on Saturday. I also got dragged into being a MC for a show (she told me she came to me first but it appears that she has asked several others. Never doing anything for her again). Then we had a meeting about drama after school which I don’t think I will be able to join due to the amount of work heading my way. Then after that we had a meeting with the our education board about a fundraiser that weekend.


Extremely windy the night before. My windows got blown open and kept making the horrible howling noise. The weather in Macau is finally transitioning into winter.

It’s Halloween! Which means it’s the last day of October! Two months of school have already passed!

I have been able to streamline my to do list, writing them down on my phone at school and transferring it to my ipod when I get home (still to paranoid of it to bring it out).

I also purchased tickets to watch the first ever MMA fight in Macau :D!


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