My hopes for December

I don’t know what I want to do exactly with December just yet but here’s my general thoughts.

Instead of learning a new habit this month, I’m going to reinforce the first two I learned in the 7 Habits. Pro activity and planning ahead.

I’m going to play Sanctum in Co-op. I bought the game for him over the Thanks Giving Sales on steam and I’m hoping it can allow us to bond a little, which is harder to do these days.



My November Accomplishments

It is that time off month where I recollect my monthly accomplishments, as you can probably tell by now, I love to use YouTube to learn new things

  • Learned to sing the Vietnam anthem: Fortunate Son and learned the lyrics of 50 Cent’s My buddy (so I can say it as I walking down the hallway). I also love Epic Rap Battles. I learned the one with Freddy Mercury shouting at Frank Sinatra.

  • Learned to dance the Dougie, albeit a bit stilted and stuttered

  • Finished reading the Hobbit. Reminded me how much I loved fantasy and how much a genius J.R.Tolkein is. Modern classic.
  • Completed the Anthony Horowitz Horror Collection. The book scared me twice in its 500-some pages.
  • Read and sorta applied Habit 2 of “The Seven Habits of a highly effective Teenager.”

Thursday and Friday: A medium sized post


Today marks the end of my experiments on shorter more compact daily stories. I tried them Monday to Wednesday with varying results. Generally, I got more likes, which is good.

Days really seem to be flying away. My brother had been on a school trip this week allowing me to make full use of my speakers. He returns tomorrow.

I am having those days where you can do a lot, but you don’t feel like you accomplished anything. You still feel…unproductive, and empty.


My brother has finally returned from Lijiang! I missed him lots :). He comes in, and after a quick greeting he turns on his computer and plays some dubstep…

Today was more productive than yesterday by a huge margin. I did some math, read and generally felt like I was doing something useful.

School was very relaxed. I only think I had one period of light weight work. The rest of it was just an easing in. We watched game trailers all Chinese, played charades in English and played Dodge ball in P.E. A good start to a laid back weekend.

November Exercise Update

My exercise has gone well this month. Despite failing to do it on one day ( and thus breaking the chain) and the colder weather, I have been able to exercise well this month.

There are improvements across the board, but there is more immediate change in my upper torso (shoulders, chest and arms). I try to fit in 15 push ups into each repetition and have begun to do ten in the morning and ten at night. I have also introduced a rule that allows me to take 1 day off. I should use this only if I need it, rather than an excuse to loaf off.

Next month I will:

  • Do exercise according to the “repeat until failure rule”
  • Do 4 reps if I’m feels brave
  • Evaluate if its time to move into intermediate workouts

A quick Wednesday post

  • Finished reading the Hobbit which concludes my summer reading list…three months after it ended. Really enjoyed the fantasy world and setting. J.R Tolkien remains one of my favorite writers
  • Played League of Legends with some buddies for the first time in months
  • A bit de-sensitized to time due to four free periods at school. Got to read some of my articles on Pocket (which was a getting ridiculously long as I just throw stuff on there)
  • Suffice to say, not much happened at school

A quick Tuesday post

  • Finished listening to 4×4=12. Rather unimpressed. It was repetitive and boring most of the time. Respect to “A City in Florida,” for being the only song I like on there
  • Weather is freezing over here, thankfully mother has bought me a scarf. It’s green, just the way I like it :).
  • Learned Spanish in free period today. Ola! Buenos Dias! Mi Nome es  senhor Jose. Tango deci-seite anos. Yo viena de Macau.
  • Spent English Literature making eraser into ammo for my ruler catapult
  • Wrote my resume including all miscellaneous achievements