Charity Weekend


Today my friends and I volunteered for some charity work. It was a found raiser where kids go out onto the streets and sell stickers in return for a small donation. As older kids, we where in charge of the small “squads” in an area.

I knew immediately that this was going to be a drag if I didn’t make it more interesting for myself. It was gonna be three hours in the same area and I had a cold. So I decided to treat it like a small war game. I was Captain Young, of the Terran Conglomerate, leader of squad 3. I was in charge of two outposts, a war zone (street) apart. The first outpost had Alpha and Bravo, while outpost two had Charlie, Delta and Echo. I walked around like an officer and constantly demanded progress reports.

It turned out my plan worked out better than I planned. The girl I named Charlie was actually named Charlie and the boy I named Delta was actually named Daniel. At least a little bit of it synced up. 

Alpha was a bit special (I never really did learn his name :/). He had special problems communicating with potential donors. He would try to speak with them while they where too far away. He would whisper instead of talking. He would single out a single person to sell to and ignore everyone that was passing by. He also liked to go into fits of dancing. The hours flew by quickly, and I was sad to see my squad go. They all had their own traits. Bravo was quite, but sold quickly and without complaint. Charlie was a surprising veteran. Delta was a renegade, but was reliable and Echo…was a bit useless, but his cuteness compensates (he wanted to bite me.)


On Sunday I was to be in MC for a charity event known as Grand Bazar. It’s held every year by a lake side and is the closet thing Macau has to a carnival. There are carnival games and food, lots of people and live performances. I was in charge of the latter. Jasmine was to handle Chinese while I spoke in English. The organizer thought I would be a good choice, since I competed in speech before but to my realization they are two completely different things.

They said I did ok. People often do, but I wasn’t happy with my performance. Too many mistakes and it wasn’t fluid. I suppose I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, with it being my first time but I still can’t shake the feeling that I could have done better. I got to buy a used book there as well for 10 MOP ($1.25). It was called “Blue Heaven”, a thriller.


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