First Day of November

Weather is getting cooler here in Macau. The cold is at the brim, ready to spill over into a full-blown winter chill. The Sun stands strong, holding the bitter cold at bay for a while longer.

Today in P.E we played for the honor of our school houses. I was in-house yellow, and I was determined to make a difference. My friend Reginaldo had hurt his knee and couldn’t run. The solution: I ran for him. We ended up winning this round of house competitions  edging into the lead by three runs.

At home I had a big talk about university and SAT with my mom. I really like Harvard, they have great financial support. But that’s not why I love them. They WANT you, that’s right WANT you to take a gap year. Once you are accepted they will hold your spot for a year so you can go on a gap year. How awesome is that.


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