My delayed Halloween Celebration

Today we had a dress up competition at school. Each class was to decide on a theme and dress accordingly. Ours, was dead students. The early morning was spent ripping shirts, applying fake blood and doing makeup to make us look like we had wounds. I had walked into school with my mom’s foundation smeared all over my face in random directions. The prize for best theme and costumes was a pizza party…on Monday.

The classes slowly lined up to be judged by panel of judges. There were some serious competitors, like one class that where all characters from an animated show like Pokemon or Jimmy Neutron. A large amount of students also had a theme similar to ours (i.e undead, vampires) so we had to change our theme to WOLO (We only lived once).

Our class was judged last. We had a good chance to win and we were crossing our fingers. The judges slowly released there anwsers. In third was a class that all dressed up as boys. In second was the animated characters and in first was..US, F5A, The Undead students of the school!

Undead Students

One of my friends on top isn’t very in theme. After school I had to practice with my friend Jasmine for an upcoming festival called Grand Bazar. We are gonna MC :D! Then I got to go for basketball practice. Had some good games where I had some solid ball handling, passing and defense.

We had dinner at Little Red Panda, an old favorite. It was like an old friend, ready to pick of where we had left off. It tasted even better than usual. I missed it so much.

Then a group of 6 friends including me skated all the way to Coloane Stadium (several kilometers). The roads are less crowded and more smooth in the area leading to an amazing riding experience. I’m getting better with balance and keeping up with the pack. It was a great night out. I felt care-free and rebellious. The night, could have been ours.


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