My New Speakers: My Last Purchase for Awhile

I have been spending too much lately. I feel like a black hole for money. I have to many new things and not enough time to enjoy them. So, for at least a blue moon, I’m not buying anything. I reached this decision after realizing (for the thousandth time) that I am very fortunate and should be content in what I have, and that my parents work really hard for the money and I shouldn’t go running off to spend it.

My New Phillips Speakers

Been waiting for these babies for quite some time 🙂

It started off rough. The speakers didn’t just click into place like I thought they would. The plug was too big to go through the port in my desk so my dad had to unscrew, and reassemble to after pulling it through. The audio cable was too short so I had to use a crappy extender and the left speaker was playing half the time. The speakers also had speaker buzzing which drove me nuts when trying to test them. I started to wonder if I should have bought them and if I shoulda stayed with my old ones. If it ain’t broken…

Speaker set up

But when I finally got them to work they sounded amazing. Movies, games and music. They all had more depth, more feeling. I could hear the finer details, like the finer instrumentals in my songs or the quite galloping of my horse in Assassin’s creed.

Over the week i tried to fix the speaker buzzing to no avail. I just toke it as opportunity to save energy, turning them off when I’m not listening to anything. Would be nice to eliminate the buzz though but it’s a good stop-gap for now.


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