November 05

School can be hard to make sound interesting, so perhaps it is best I do not try.

I am trying to make use of the time on the bus. If I find a seat then I will sit down and read (no, I don’t get dizzy) or study some homework so I have less work at home. If I am not as fortunate I try to get some sleep in, finding a less busy part of the bus to stand and putting my bag in the front to dissuade potential pick-pockets.

At home, I used the technique of “Big Rock then Little Rock.” I got my homework out-of-the-way first so if I did manage to distract myself (which I did) then I would have all the work done and have a buffer. Despite spending a good few hours browsing the web I was able to finally complete Assassin’s Creed. That’s one of my October goals down. Time constraints have forced me to push some goals from October and the weekend to today.


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