Novembersst: The First Half the week, slabbed together


Today in for P.E we played a combination of Netball and football. For netball, you must pass to team mates to get it to the other side of the field. However, the moment the ball touches the floor, it becomes football! Netball goals where 5 points, while football goals worth 2 points.

I always feel a bit helpless in sports (not being as physically gifted as others) but still try to contribute to the team as both an annoying defender and a cheerleader. I loved screaming FOOTBALL every time the ball touched the ground. My team ended up winning despite me scoring a brilliant own goal. It was also because one of my friends kept forgetting that you have to pass the line while playing the netball portion, and threw the ball into the net 4 times.

After a good half an hour of that we moved onto capture the flag. I was able to sneak into the enemy flag area when no one was looking, but never managed to make it out with it.

In the afternoon I got invited by my computer teacher to hear a speaker about Quantum Computing. Didn’t even know that existed 0_0.

The evening was eaten up by AXN. It’s surprising how you can get sucked in. It was great to relax and watch House, The amazing race and Wipeout. Too bad it sidetracked everything else and killed my time…

To my horror, I realized I had broken the chain. I’ve been following a productivity technique called break the chain where you give yourself a tick for everyday you do a task (i.e reading and exercise). I had created a chain three months long, now broken by a single night.


Today I decided to redouble my efforts. I was going to be a productive beast. The first target of my new-found energy was my two habits I used “Don’t break the chain” on, reading and exercise.

For the exercise I went to an additional basketball practice. Today we learned two attack strategies  “Catch and Shoot” and No.3. “Catch and Shoot” involves all 5 attack players and makes use of clever passing to allow a clean shot from the side lanes. No.3 is simply a double screen for the Point Guard which allows him to pass to three team mates, preferably the center. We then had some 3 on 3 for practice. My team was winning at first, penetrating their defense’s easily, but once our instructor joined them it was an uphill battle for us. They caught up from 9-5 to beat us at the 10 point marker. Very tiring, but I wasn’t done yet. I got off a bus stop early, ran home and immediately began my exercise routine. I was exhausted but it was a satisfying feeling.

The reading was a lot less dramatic. I was simply going to read the pages I missed yesterday, and make it my goal not to miss any for the rest of the week, finishing it by the end of it.


Today was one of those off days. It seems that everyone is ganging up on you, or picking on you, but in reality it’s the same as usual. It’s silly, but I for one am easily affected. Thankfully I am now more aware to the problem, and trying to avoid putting myself down so much;it hampers my performance. Had a productive rest of the day :).


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