The end of the week, Third Week of November


Well. That didn’t last long. “Save money William.” That’s what I told myself. Such a First World Problem. I saw the advert and for T3 in my PC Format magazine, and today, when given have a chance to buy it, I scooped it up without nothing but a slight hesitation. Then later in the day I had a snacking spree with my friend Marilda. Now I’m a hundred Mop (12.5 USD) poorer. At least the food was good, and T3 is interesting. My first issue will allow me to evaluate if I want anymore in the future.

I then visited my grandmas. I taught my grandpa how to download apps for his phone, and had some traditional flower tea at my grandmas. I then went to get my new glasses. Putting them on is like seeing the world in HD. Everything had more cooler, looked sharper and seemed more distinct. I also kept my lenses with the spare hinges to act as sport glasses.

Afterwards I went home and my time just disappeared. I had no homework, and not much lined up in terms of objectives. I napped, read my magazine and chatted to friend. It’s now eleven and all i have this part blog post to show for it. Hi.


Friday for me is one of three things. Two extremes and one compromise between the two. On one side of the spectrum is the all-out turtler. I go straight home on Friday and bury myself in food, reading and my self-made goals. I get to play some games, relax and catch up on things I missed during the week. On the other side of the continuum is the turtle’s younger, less far-sighted brother: The Rusher. I go out, doing countless things with friend’s but come back home exhausted and accomplish none of my goals. Today was one of those days. The last of the categories is a hybrid of both, a middle man. I go out for a good part of the night but have enough time at home to do some work and unwind.

First up, Basketball! We finally had our first actual match of the year against a fellow international school: TIS (short for “The International School”). We were going to play against a bigger, stronger and well-drilled team on their home court. It started out fine. We could trade blow for blow, having problems rebounding against some of their bigger players. Then in the last two quarters, our good players become more tired and more frustrated. They started making more mistakes. We finished the game at 43-20.

I always have mixed feelings during these matches. I feel anxious for my fellow players and I want to win and succeed but at the same time I went it to end, fearing my own mistakes when I’m put on. I can feel like a bench warmer, only put on to allow other people to rest, but I know that’s not a good way to think. I effectively reduced the effectiveness of the guy I was defending, and denied one lay up. Pretty good, considering how good I am.

It was only at the end of the match that I realized that I had forgotten about the movie we were gonna watch: Skyfall. It was 6:30 and we had to be at the Macau Tower at 7. We finally got a cab at a casino… at 7’o clock on the dot. We were hoping the commercials would help soften the lost minutes. Then when we arrived the friend who had gotten the tickers was nowhere to be found. She was still on the bus to the tower. After an agonizing 30 minute wait we finally got in. Still a smashing movie, the best out of Daniel Craig’s recent ones.

We then went for the food festival that was being hosted at the base of the tower. Overpriced, but the range of food was head-popping. My hunger feed blood to my nose, allowing me to inhale deeply the aromas of the different foods. Miguel and I got this:

Curry Noodle Hotdog!

Curry Noodles inside a hotdog bun, genius!

The rain drove us back into the tower, but when we saw a gap in the rain we decided to make a run for it. A three-mile, run for it. We got soaked. Eventually we split up, with Marilda and I unable to find buses or taxi’s anywhere. My dad had to pick us up, and we arrived home exhausted at 1 Am. A rush indeed.


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