Macau Grand Prix 2012

Every year my little city, Macau is turned into a giant racing track. It easy to see the build up and the build down to the event that marks the end of the excitement of the year. The roads are paved, roads are blocked off and seats and signs are set up every year, then token down shortly after the event ends.

I’m lucky, because a long stretch of the race is visible from the my church. I spent a great deal of Sunday School leaning out the window trying to get good shots.

After church I meet with John and Joel to watch the corner leg of the race by Grand Lisboa. We were just in time to see a small race showing of the evolution of all the racing cars, showing off how the Grand Prix has changed over the years.

I was lucky to have my DSLR with me, and decided it would be a good idea to use sports mode which allows me to take lots of continues shots at once. The photos turned out to be mediocre quality, with my ipod touch faring better. I toke a 1000 photos and put some random ones up on my flickr.

It was hard to watch properly. The entire crowd liked to stand up as the cars neared our end. I was psyched for the event, and hollered wildly as the cars roared past. I ended up watching (and taking photos) of the large screens set up across from us most of the time.

Most of the time I cheer for crashes but this year two people have unfortunately died already. I’m not sure if its ethical to cheer for it anymore :/. This did nothing to hamper how glorious one of the crashes on our corner was. Two cars smashed together and spun out of control the entire length of the track!

I particularly enjoyed the victory lap of the motor cycle race where the drivers did tricks like wheelies and stopped in front of the crowd to burn some rubber ( a real crowd pleaser).

Just another year at the grand prix.


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