Royal Banquet at the Grand Hyatt Ballroom

On Sunday evening my family was invited to a banquet to celebrate a close family friend’s twin’s hundredth day.

Part of the James Bond Movie I just watched is probably rubbing of on me, because I walked into the room the theme song played in my head. A large open ball room, with its own bar tenders and waitresses. Elaborate decorations. Heck we even rented out the entire majong parlor! It felt so classy, so expensive, so grand! Everyone was wearing smart, formal clothing. Entering in jeans and sweater, I felt out-of-place.

I also meet two very important people. One was Lesley. She summarized the bigger body of guest. Good looking, smart and full of character. The epitome of Asian success. She also wanted to go to Boston for college, more specifically Harvard, Like me! She gave me lots of useful information and tips. Secondly was the prime minister. Himself, sitting at the party. I knew we were well connected but damn 0_0. I even got a photo with him!

The food was pretty normal, but they had an orgasmic dinner buffet. Cookies, ice cream and strawberry sorbet. I died to it.


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