Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! The week is already half over!

My friend Miguel came back from Hong Kong and got me Pendulum’s In Silico:

I’ve wanted an album from them for a few years now and it felt enthralling to hold it in my hands. Still haven’t finished listening to Cold Play’s Mylo Xyloto completely, but I’ll soon be moving on to Deadmau5’s 4×4=12. I also moved my dads old Bose radio into my room, making it that much more homely-er. Giving up on learning 50 Cent’s My buddy, I don’t think its my type of rap and I won’t force myself to learn it. Here it is if your interested:


Today after school my friend Miguel and I where forced to attend a Parent-Student Association (PSA for short) meeting. I spent a few hours in Taipa loitering until the time of the meeting, joining a student council meeting and eating at a sushi parlor.

The meeting was a bit longer then it had to be. Apparently it was the bi-yearly meeting we had arrived for. We had thought it was a short meeting about the Media contest we had joined over summer. They were boring procedures such as bank statements, small speeches and nominations. We finally got it all out-of-the-way and proceeded to the awards. We did not win anything, resulting in a largely wasted evening. The lucky winners got ipad minis. I want an ipad mini. Meh.


My week is losing a bit momentum with yesterday’s meeting and today’s sluggishness. The combination of increasing exhaustion, over burdening and my mom’s suddenly more attractive Ipad has deterred my best efforts to be effective. RALLY!

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